• 13.07.2024

Construction time

Construction time وان اكس بت : Aerated concrete is many times shorter, while brick وان اكس بت lasts longer

Brick, as mentioned above, is وان اكس بت a heavy building material. A square meter of wall with a thickness of 380 mm weighs 3 to 5 times more وان اكس بت than a similar wall made of autoclaved aerated concrete. Heavy وان اكس بت walls significantly increase the real cost of a building. In most cases, this is due to the additional costs of تنزيل وان اكس بت transportation, land and foundation work.

Currently, only qualified تنزيل وان اكس بت professionals can build a brick house, and anyone can build a house from aerated concrete blocks. Due to their small size تنزيل وان اكس بت and the use of mortar, almost every brick must be leveled, تنزيل وان اكس بت which greatly slows down the construction process.

And the “ball” again goes تنزيل وان اكس بت to aerated concrete

Using simple tools and an affordable ون اكس بت adhesive mixture, a single floor can be built in less than five days using large uniform blocks of aerated concrete.

The process of laying aerated concrete blocks on the glue is very simple, its consumption is about 25 kg per cubic meter of masonry, – presents Anton Shevoldasov (Bonolit). No problems with drilling, kneading the mixture in a mixer, lifting or moving ون اكس بت the glue. In modern realities, the laying of ceramics (TC) can be carried out only on mortar. It is important here to understand that whatever type of mortar is used, it involves a lot of effort to prepare ون اكس بت and move around the house under construction. And the thermal properties of the erected walls largely depend on the type of masonry mortar used and the thickness of the seams. Poor masonry joints alone can cause heat loss through joints of 30% or more.

Machining ceramics is also difficult. Strokes are nearly impossible. Cutting requires the purchase of expensive وان اكس بت tools and consumables that wear out quickly. Blocks often split when sawing, making it very difficult to form openings and additional elements.

These points increase ون اكس بت the build time of ceramics

With aerated concrete, everything has become much simpler and more practical, وان اكس بت cutting is carried out with a durable hacksaw, without waste.

Environmental وان اكس بت friendliness: ceramics are ‘dust-free’, contain no impurities or harmful slag, and aerated concrete goes to great lengths to ensure safety.

Indeed, ceramics are unique in their environmental friendliness, and it is no surprise that they have been used for centuries. And here the “path” again uses ceramic.

A cerami وان اكس بت c house (as well as a wooden one) breathes especially well – this is true. Firstly, this material is completely natural (clay + water + sawdust), and secondly, porous ceramic blocks, for example, have optimal vapor permeability. The walls “breathe”, ون اكس بت absorbing excess moisture and releasing it at low indoor humidity. This ensures a comfortable humidity level in the home. Ceramic walls do not allow moisture to accumulate, so there is no risk of fungus or mold growing on the walls.

A further advantage is the complete hypoallergenicity of the ceramic block. Ceramic blocks do not “dust”, contain no slag impurities, and do not release harmful volatile organic compounds into the air.

Ceramics have a high sound insulation factor. This indicator depends on the mass of the wall and the surface density of the masonry layer. The density of ceramic blocks is 700-1000kg/m3, and the surface density of ceramic fragments is 1600kg/m3. And mortar joints and stucco increase the surface density of masonry. These factors make it possible to meet the highest requirements for soundproofing of the walls of the room.

Manufacturers of aerated concrete have also made ون اكس بت efforts to comply with environmental standards in recent years.

In addition to compulsory certification, our products are also subject to voluntary certification. – Ksella-Aeroblock-Center said so. – After all, we are part of the German company XELLA. And the German side is very demanding in terms of the environment. We have high level environmental certifications such as Russian Ecomaterials, BREEAM and LEED ون اكس بت environmental certifications. We take this very seriously. Not only the material itself, but also the manufacturing itself is tested.

The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and the equipment is equipped with special collection filters. وان اكس بت The raw material itself is also inspected before processing.